Esperia Glaive

Star Citizen Esperia Glaive

The Glaive is a symmetrical version of the Scythe. Generally flown by Vanduul with more combat experience, they are better armed and have two huge blades/wings as opposed to one on the standard Scythe. This model is a human reproduction created by the manufacturer Esperia. The “Glaive” is the official United Empire of EarthNavy (UEEN) designation for a fighter spacecraft operated by Vanduul forces. The Glaive is notable for its double-bladed wings, in contrast to the Scythe’s single-bladed wing, as well as the inclusion of a missile rack and a neutron gun. Glaives appear with a much lower frequency than Scythes. Owing to their proficiency in battle, there is some indication that they are typically flown by veteran Vanduul pilots, though this has yet to be proven. Human manufacturer Esperia has produced limited numbers of a Glaive replica spacecraft for civilian sale.
Here is a short history of publications about the series from the RSI website.

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This is an excellent video of the history of the Vanduul Raids from in-game lore, by The AstroPub. Please subscribe to his channel as he produces the most thorough and best Star Citizen lore content.


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