Javelin Day

Explore and tour the legendary military capitol spaceship

Made for the UEE military, and featured in Squadron 42, the Javelin is a colossal modular capital ship that was sold in very limited runs to the most entreprising citizens.

Guided tours and missions

When available, join guided tours of our Javelins as well as potentially join missions

With danger potentially lurking at every turn, the Javelin is an exciting capitol ship with a lot to offer. Our tours are indepth and will provide you the insight you need to be able to work on any reasonably working Javelin ship. And during or at the end of the tour, we may go on some epic missions.

Did you know?

Javelins are built and designed with modular segments in mind

This allows Javelins to be re-purposed for a number of roles.
They have a detailed interior, with varied modular room options and a very high crew capacity. The Javelin bridge is heavily armored and has an impressive view out over the rest of its superstructure. Officer country, also called the top deck, is quarters for the captain and executive officers.
The mid deck has torpedo bays and turret emplacements as well as modular component rooms. The bottom deck includes dedicated cargo rooms, engineering facilities, access to the engine column, and houses the main hangar.
The sub decks one and two feature modular component rooms, Class 6 ATA turret emplacements and a maintenance EVA airlock.
The Javelin allows incredibly versatile gameplay.
You can read more about the Javelin on the RSI wesbite.

Become a Javelin crew member

Running a Javelin is no easy task!

The Javelin takes a team of dedicated crew. If you have the tenacity and inclination, use our referral code STAR-GN2F-6JLW to become a Javelin expert so you can become an invaluable crew member across the verse.

Join the fun!