Industry Day

A ship for every industry


Try out the different salvaging ships in the Verse, when available. Ships nom nom nom!


Experience the few mining ships in the verse, when available

Trade and Hauling

Learn the trading routes, and try out the many trading and hauling ships in the verse, when available.


When available, try the many different racing ships in the verse.

Bounty Hunting

Want to catch the bad guys? When available, try out the few bounty hunting specific ships in the verse.


Save lives! Operate the few specific medical ships in the verse, when available

Exploration and Science

The unsung heros of the verse, try the many exploration and science ships in the verse, when available


Want to be infamous? Then see what the smuggling life in the verse is all about, when available

Security and Escort

Feel like fighting? Want to defend the defenseless? Then try out the many security and escort capable ships in the verse, when available

Touring and Travel

Travel to exotic locations with the exotic ships in the verse, when available

Repair and Refuel

From the Crucible to the Starfarer to the Vulcan, try them out to see what the repair and refuel industry is all about in the verse, when available

Home Building and Real Estate

Want to see what it’s like building a home base way out in the frontier? Want to learn about real estate in Star Citizen? Then join our industry day to find out! Limited to when events, ships, and staff/crew are available

Join the fun!