Anvil Crucible

Anvil Crucible

A so-called “flying toolbox,” the Crucible is Anvil Aerospace’s first dedicated repair ship. Featuring a rotating control bridge and a detachable pressurized workspace, the Crucible is a versatile mobile garage equipped with repair arms, a drone operation center and all the equipment needed to overhaul a damaged craft back into fighting shape. The Crucible is a repair spacecraft developed by Anvil Aerospace for the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN), intended to provide field repairs of a variety of ship classes. It includes a rotating bridge that can overlook a large workspace and a series of remote manipulator arms that allow the crew to either repair smaller spacecraft or to dock alongside larger damaged ships. Its repair bay can be pressurized and also detached for remote use. Crucibles are operated by the UEEN and a variety of private enterprises.
Here is a short history of publications about the Crucible from the RSI website.

Wandering Workshop : the Anvil Crucible
Q&A: Anvil Crucible
WIP: The Crucible

This is an excellent video of the history of the Anvil Aerospace company from in-game lore, by The AstroPub. Please subscribe to his channel as he produces the most thorough and best Star Citizen lore content.


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