• The ARGO Astronautics MPUV-1P (commonly ‘Argo Personnel.’) is geared towards a simple but incredibly important responsibility: moving groups of people from place to place. The UEE Navy uses MPUV-1Ps extensively, and any new recruit can likely recall those terrifying moments in which such a ship carried them to their first space assignment. In civilian hands, Argo Personnel ships are adapted for everything from standard taxi services to use as makeshift combat dropships. The ARGO is capable of carrying up to eight Humans and their equipment. The MPUV-1P (“Argo Personnel”) is a single-pilot utility spacecraft manufactured by Argo Astronautics. Intended for the loading and unloading of personnel from orbital spacecraft and installations, the MPUV-1P is a variant of the MPUV-1C cargo ferry, replacing the 1C’s cargo area with habitable space. This allows it to shuttle passengers between space and planetside locations.
  • The ARGO Astronautics MPUV-1C (commonly ‘Argo Cargo’) is a dedicated merchant transfer ship, a ubiquitous intergalactic stevedore. Vast numbers of Argo Cargos are responsible for loading and unloading goods onto massive long-haul transports and miners that cannot otherwise land on planets or drydocks, such as the Hull D and the Orion. Some captains choose to own and operate their own Argo, while others pay privately owned ships operating as port services a rental fee for performing the unloading process. The MPUV-1C (“Argo Cargo”) is a single-pilot utility spacecraft manufactured by Argo Astronautics. Built for the loading and unloading of cargo containers from orbital spacecraft and installations, the MPUV-1C’s design was based on Argo’s Orbital Utility Craft (OUC), their first foray into shipbuilding. The MPUV-1C allows larger cargo ships that would otherwise be incapable of making planetary landfall to transfer goods to orbital waystations, as well as planetside.

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