Capital Ship Day

Experience among the largest player owned ships in the Verse

Explore, crew, and fly some of the biggest ships in Star Citizen, the capital ships, brought to you by Enlist Citizen, join the Fight!

Big Ships

From the Javelin and Kraken to the smaller Idris, Polaris, 890j, etc

Did you know this about Star Citizen Capital ships?
The Javelin is expected to be 480 meters long
the Kraken is 270 meters,
the Idris is 233 to 242 meters depending on the variant,
the Polaris 155 meters, etc.
While the average player owned ship in Star Citizen is between 18 to 24 meters

Guided Tours

When available, join guided tours of our capital ships as well as potential opportunities to join missions in the moment!

While the Javelin has an additional day all for itself,
for the rest of our Capital Ships this is the day set aside for them.

Join the ranks

Apply to become an active crew member on a capitiol ship

We have a ton of capitol and large multi crew ships and they need crew! If you’re interested just let us know!

Experience being
the heart of a fleet