Aegis Avenger

StarCitizen Avenger Titan

Aegis Avenger Titan, Stalker, Warlock were the first released in the Aegis Avenger series of ships.
The Aegis Avenger Titan is a cargo-hauling variant. The Aegis Avenger Stalker is a bounty hunter variant. The Aegis Avenger Warlock is an EMP warfare variant.
The Avenger is a multi-role fighter sold by Aegis Dynamics. It was initially designed as a United Empire of Earth (UEE) carrier-borne spacecraft in the late 28th century. As more focused interceptors and space superiority spacecraft were developed in the mid-29th century, the Avenger found a second life as a law-enforcement utility spacecraft until it too was replaced by more current designs. Today, the ship is flown by civilian pilots thanks to ease of use, reliability, and Aegis releasing multiple variants. Avenger variants include the Titan cargo ship, Stalker bounty hunter, and Warlock EMP platform.
Here is a short history of publications about the series from the RSI website.
Introducing The Avenger

This is an excellent video of the history of the Aegis Dynamics from in-game lore, by The AstroPub. Please subscribe to his channel as he produces the most thorough and best Star Citizen lore content.


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